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Dezrez Update the Center Point for an Address

Update the center point for an address.

Fire Browse Obtain identities of TCGA consortium member centers.

By default this function returns a table of all consortium members in TCGA, aka centers; it provides both the HTTP domain and full organizational name of each center. A subset of this table may be obtained by explicitly specifying one or more dom...

Google Content API for Shopping Account Batch

Retrieves, inserts, updates, and deletes multiple Merchant Center (sub-)accounts in a single request.

HERE Time-based isoline with destination as center

*Request an isoline that will reach a destination within a given time* Time-based reverse flow requests are made using the `calculateisoline` endpoint and specifying the `destination` and `rangetype=time` parameters. * **mode** `text` \- Rou...

Open Science Framework Root

Welcome to the Open Science Framework API. With this API you can access users, projects, components, logs, and files from the [Open Science Framework]( The Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free, open-source service maintained by ...

Xignite List Financial Centers

List financial centers.

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